5 Paragraph Essay Outline

5 Paragraph Essay Outline

Each Roman numeral indicates a new paragraph. For example, Roman numeral I will be
your first paragraph, Roman numeral II will be your second paragraph, and so on.)

I. Introduction
A. Topic Sentence (A question, shocking statistic or interesting statement to hook the

B. Point 1 (The first point you will discuss about your thesis)

C. Point 2 (The second point)

D. Point 3 (The third point. More points will mean more paragraphs. Your last point should
be your strongest point)

E. Thesis Statement (This is your overall statement about the paper)

II. Point 1 (Restate your point 1 from your introduction in a new way)
A. Detail 1 (Each detail should be an explanation or example of how each point relates to
your thesis)

B. Detail 2 (Make sure you are only discussing one point in each of your body paragraphs)

C. Detail 3 (You can have more than 3 details for each point, but 3 is sufficient to get your
ideas across)

III. Point 2 (Transition from point 1 to point 2. Use words such as “In addition” or “On the other
hand” to indicate to the reader that you will be talking about the next point)
A. Detail 1
B. Detail 2
C. Detail 3

IV. Point 3 (This should be your strongest point. Transition from point 2 to point 3. Use transition
A. Detail 1

B. Detail 2

C. Detail 3

V. Conclusion

A. Restate Point 1

B. Restate Point 2

C. Restate Point 3

D. Restate Thesis

E. Clincher (Ties up the paper. Make a statement or ask a question that you did not argue in
your paper. This must still relate to your topic and be related to your thesis. This statement should make
the reader think more about the topic after he or she is finished reading.)

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