Persuasive Essay Writing Task

Persuasive Essay Writing Task

For this writing assignment, you will choose a topic from a list of choices. You will then write to persuade an audience to believe as you do about the chosen topic. The main goal is to support your position with solid evidence that will leave your audience without a doubt that you are right. Follow the guidelines below to develop a cohesive, convincing argument.

Choose one of the following topics:

  1. Teenagers spend too much time texting and should participate in other forms of communication more often.
  2. All young adults should be required to stay in school until they are 18 years old.
  3. The legal driving age should be increased to 18 years old.
  4. The legal drinking age should be decreased to 18 years old.
  5. Today’s teenagers are lazy and don’t care about the future.
  6. Professional athletes should have to take a drug test once a year to test for steroids.
  7. People should do what they can to help others.
  8. One should give respect in order to get respect.
  9. Pop stars have a responsibility to be good role models for young people.
  10. I should care what other people think about me.


Before you decide whether or not you agree with the topic, brainstorm both sides of the argument. Then, determine which side has more support.

  1. Determine your audience. This is a critical step. You would use a different approach if you were trying to convince teenagers than if you were trying to convince politicians.
  2. Determine your purpose. What do you want this audience to do? Do you want them to rally with you? Do you want them to change a law? Do you want them to change their behavior?
  3. Determine the three strongest pieces of evidence that support your position.
  4. Write a solid thesis statement. Remember that the thesis statement is the one sentence that states the main point of your essay. For example, if you were to write on topic A., you could simply write, “Teenagers spend too much time texting and should participate in other forms of communication more often.” This statement is clear, concise, and straightforward.
  5. Start writing your rough draft.
  • Introduction paragraph:

Grabber (interesting statistic, shocking statement, NO QUESTION)

Background information—provide some basic information about your topic.

  • Thesis statement
    1. Three body paragraphs

Topic sentence (include the main point of this paragraph)

Provide support for your point—you can use personal experiences, anecdotes, or facts that you have researched. If you use facts, you need to provide proper citations.

  • Transition into next paragraph


  1. Provide a summary of your main points—use different words.
  2. Describe what you want your audience to do with this new information. Think about your purpose.
  3. Revise your work.
  4. Rewrite it.
  5. Submit your final draft to


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